December 18, 2007

Theives Steal Holy Leg

The police of the Chittur district of Andhra Pradesh are hunting for two men who attacked a holy man, cut off his right leg and then made off with it.

80-year-old holy man, Yanadi Kondaiah, claims to have healing powers in the leg, but right now is in a Tirupati City Government hospital trying to recover from his ordeal. The locals in the area believe that the Yanadi could heal any of their spiritual or physical problems with just a touch of his leg.

According to reports – Initially, Kondaiah and his wife earned their daily bread as labourers but some time ago Kondaiah went to Himalayas – he claimed to have got some magical powers in his right leg on his return. The localites also started believing in Mr Kondaiah's future predictions.

A few days ago, the self-proclaimed 'Godman' - who lives in Yagamareddy Kandriga in Ramachandrapuram mandal, 45 kilometres from Tirupati, was approached by two strangers who came to seek his advice over a medical problem. They told him that they had returned to thank him for the help he had rendered to them.

"As the old man had the weakness of drinking, he accepted their invitation to have drinks with them," said Venkatadhiri, a villager, who knew Kondaiah. "They took him to a deserted spot in the outskirts of the village.” And further added that, "After the old man had passed out under the influence of liquor, they cut off his right leg from the knee."

Police reports describe the amputation as something carried out in a very "brutal manner" and that they are still looking for the blessed leg and the men who so cruelly made off with it. It also mentions that the assailants used a sharp hunting knife, and left the old man alone, bleeding to death. The locals found him unconscious and alerted the police, who rushed him to a hospital in Tirupati.

On regaining consciousness, Mr Kondaiah claimed to have no idea as to why he was made a target in such a manner and also did not understand the motive of the miscreants in taking away his leg. Though, the police say that the reason for the attack could be Mr Kondaiah’s leg which he claims to have been bestowed by magical powers.