March 31, 2010

An actress is here to stay!

All my communications with one of the upcominng and talented actresses of south is through FaceBook. We invited her for live interviews in our news studio couple of times but never had an opportunity to sit and have a face to face interaction. The only similarity between me the actress is the book which we both like – A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mishtry.
Ladies and gentlemen – let me introduce – PRIYA ANAND. A promising face in tollywood who is armed with passion towards acting despite not having a formal training in acting. Dipped in the essense of Tamilian, Andhrite and Maharashtrian blood – this damsel shows confidence to leave strong impression in the canvas of acting. Her mother is from Chennai – father is from Hyderabad with Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtrian links – Priya is brought up in USA and now stays with grand parents in Chennai.
Opps – suddenly I realised that I have another similarity with Priya – she majored in communications and later did business journalism.
I completely agree with her when she says that she is the girl next door. She is carefree yet vibrant. She is cool yet confident. She is simple yet attractive. She is extrovert yet candid.
She flew from USA to India – aim was to be an assistant director but eventually star shinned and she became a star. An actress with spice and twinkle in her eyes. From Tamil movies to Telugu. Short time – long jump. Performance in Leader was liked and appreciated. She dubbed for herself. Simple – because she wants people to know her visuals with her voice. A complete package. Soulful performance. I am told she will not let anyone dub for her.
For those who want to woo Priya. Some secrets – She doesn't like big things. Small things can move her. Flowers! Of course she loves.
For those who want to make her fall in love – some more secrets- She likes compatibility and a person with integrity. She has a special liking for those who are passionate towards work.
Talking about her hobbies – social networking – facebook and twitting. Travelling but more into rural areas. Audio books so that she can hear while makeup and other activities. Books keep her positive.
Foody – prawn biryani and of course the Hyderabadi biryani she is not a vegetarian. And so no PETA calender shoot for her.
During shoots she takes down notes for her diary and also pens fun experiences but doesn't share. STRANGE.
She is active in movies since 2009. Vaamanan and Pugaippadam are Tamil movies she did and of course Leader with Daggupati Rana. Her new movie – Rama Rama Krishna Krishna is being shot while another telugu-tamil movie Putham Pudhu Kaalai is in pre-production and is likely to hit screen in 2011.

According to a fanclub website: FAN RATINGS

Looks: Drop-Dead Gorgeous
Ratings: 5.00/5

Talent: Exceptional
Ratings: 4.50/5

Sex Appeal: Hot
Ratings: 4.50/5

Star Power: Mega Star
Ratings: 4.50/5